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Ann Coulter: So mean, so funny.

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 | 3:26 PM

From Ann Coulter's new column, on the alleged traitor-of-traitors. Bradley Manning, who seems to be the source behind all the Wikileaks:

No need for Don't Ask Don't Tell if you're in the military and following Anderson Cooper on Twitter.  That's a giveaway.  

And for good measure, Ann works in David Brock into her litany of gay traitors.   The Cable Gamer certainly isn't saying that Brock is a traitor up there with Kim Philby and the other big spies of the 50s, but what do I know? 

The Magnificent Five's American compatriot Michael Straight was -- ironically -- bisexual, as was Whittaker Chambers, at least during the period that he was a spy. And of course, there's David Brock.

For the record, TCG emphatically does not think that Brock is a traitor.  If Brock really were treacherous, he would have rattted out the full story of George Soros long ago.

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