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The Southern PROFITEERING Law Center

Written By mista sense on Saturday, January 8, 2011 | 5:35 AM

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an outfit that may once have had a noble purpose--but has long since become a reliable arrow in the liberal-left arsenal--the SLPC arrow has been many times been fired, unfairly, inaccurately, and maliciously, at Fox.   Or maybe, too, profitably.  Maybe the SPCL--that's Southern Profiteering Law Center--is really just in it for the money. 

Late last year an honest blogger, one Michael Petrelis, a gay activist, has uncovered the truth about the SPLC--that it's a bunch of fatcats, using the moral authority of the poor and downtrodden to feather their own nests.   That's a look at the ritzy house of SLPC chief Morris Dees, above, courtesy of the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper--many more photos can be found here.   The Cable Gamer might note that these aren't surveillance photos, these are pics that Dees and his wife, Susan Starr, welcomed.   Indeed, Starr even posed for at least one photo:

Yup, that's the way to fight poverty--by living in a fancy house and by flaunting your own personal wealth.  And so now you know the rest of the story--or the real story--behind the SPLC.

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