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Is David Shuster another pawn in the George Soros/David Brock chess game?

Written By mista sense on Sunday, February 20, 2011 | 10:49 AM

The Cable Gamer has been intrigued by the report that former Fox, CNN, and MSNBC reporter David Shuster is going to start an "investigate journalism venture."  That's all pretty interesting, but one tantalizing hint of where this effort is headed came in that February 1 piece:

Shuster says he's getting close to locking down funding for the project from a range of investors, and adds that he has been spending time over at Media Matters observing their operation.

Gee, "spending time over at Media Matters observing their operation."  Whatever could that mean?

Today, almost three weeks after the Washington Post's Greg Sargent got the scoop, public details are still sketchy--sketchy bordering no non-existent. 

But here's what the The Cable Gamer has learned privately: Shuster doesn't have a "range of investors," he has one investor--or at least one real investor.  And that's George Soros, operating behind one or more front groups.   

So Shuster's job is to be a media-savvy front man for Soros and David Brock--the "face" of Media Matter's endless jihad against Fox News.    No doubt they'll pay him pretty well; money seems to be no object for the Soros-Brock zealots.    And who knows who else will pitch in--maybe Matthew Freud?

The Cable Gamer can't prove this, but that's what she's hearing.  And we'll know the truth soon enough.

But of course what the Soros-Brock team doesn't seem to understand is that Shuster always seems to leave everywhere he works under a cloud.   So why should this latest gig be any different?  Unless, of course, they pay Shuster really, really well, let him do what he wants, and don't mind if he backstabs colleagues.  Other than that, Shuster should work out fine.

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