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Fox Biz's Jeff Flock: Cool as a cucumber!

Written By mista sense on Saturday, February 19, 2011 | 6:37 AM

The Cable Gamer has great respect for reporters who are risking their lives in the Middle East, but TCG also admires those reporters who can keep their cool in tense situations here at home.  A case in point is FBN's Jeff Flock, covering the protests in Madison, Wisconsin.  As Mediaite's Jon Bershad records, Flock, on air, was surrounded by protestors, including one goonish man (pictured above, left) who kept yelling, "Fox Lies!" over and over again.   It's hard to keep talking, and keep your cool while someone is yelling in your ear, but Jeff did just that. 

Jeff was gracious, even offering to interview the man--who, when he had his turn to speak, and make his case, would only repeat those same dopey two words: "Fox lies." So much for the vocabulary of at least one of the protestors! 

OK, that man is a buffoon, and the crowd wasn't a whole lot better, but Jeff Flock is a prince.  "Grace under pressure," as Hemingway put it.  Flock reported, and we can decide.

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