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Sun Up

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 7:26 AM

It's finally warming up in New York. Of course, now that I typed that, I've jinxed us for another week of 45-degree gray skies and perma-drizzle, because the weather here's sadistic. Sigh. So I'd better catch you up quickly, because I want to do as little sitting-inside-typing as possible.

While it was raining I finished watching Twin Peaks and started playing Portal 2. Early opinion, besides the obvious "it's awesome", is that the people who complain about its length are probably trying to wolf it down too fast. You can play Portal 1 in one sitting, but this one's meant to be done in small bites, I think. Besides, it's not like I can rush into co-op while PSN is still down.

I also wrote an article about procrastination and one about escapism over at Thought Catalog, being something of an expert on both of these. I also talked to Randy from Gearbox about games as art. Ha, I mean, I actually kind of did, but we're more talking about the sophistication of content in an evolving landscape blah blah blah no don't go away.

The FFVII Letters are still going strong as we approach the end of the game, so stick with us on that. I'll be sad when it's over, but then I'll probably just start playing FFVIII or something. And if you want me to go on a podcast for an hour, having two excellent accents is probably the way to get me to do it.

[Today's Good Song: Actually, it's an entire album. Go listen to the new Fleet Foxes at NPR!]

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