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The Secret Life of David Brock--Revealed! How he sees himself, and how he really is.

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | 4:46 PM

The Cable Gamer has been noting the grandiloquence and megalomania of David Brock as a growing phenomenon for years now.  Back in March he told Politico that he and Media Matters would be launching a campaign of "guerrilla war and sabotage" against Fox.  Those are strong words, of course, and one might think that a strong man--however misguided or even evil--might have uttered them.  So what's been the result of all this "guerrilla war and sabotage"?   Why, two magazine articles, that's what!  Take that Fox News Evil Empire!  Do you give up now?

Indeed, within weeks of Brock's declaration of war on Fox, two nasty-nit pieces came out against Fox, one in New York magazine and the other in Rolling Stone.  Neither piece contained anything that was both a) obviously significant and b) verifiably true, so they had little impact.  Indeed, TCG got a chuckle out of the claim in the RS piece that Roger Ailes got to the office at 5 am on weekday mornings to give the "Fox & Friends" team their talking points.  Yes, and Roger also brings the donuts and coffee. 

OK, so were those hit pieces Brock's best shot? Probably not, but it's all that he's fired so far, other than the seemingly 50 zillion mini-screeds that his gang of MM robots put out every day.  Ankle biters, chained by their ankles no doubt, to the propaganda machines of the Media Matters word-factory sweatshop. 

But along the way, something happened that Brock probably wasn't ready for--an incisive profile of DB himself, in the same New York magazine, which described Brock as shallow and so unformed in his own political views--other than his dislike for his former friends on the right--that the profile writer, Jason Zengerle, concluded that Brock was motivated simply by "the politics of pique."  Or, to use a cruder formulation, Brock is bitchy.  

Bitchy.  Hmmm.   So that got TCG to thinking--and to illustrating.  

Here's the way Brock thinks he is, a hero, fearlessly charging the enemy: 

But in fact, Brock isn't doing anything risky at all. He is spending the money of trust-fund liberals to encourage urbane Manhattan magazine writers to use blind quotes to attack Fox and Roger Ailes.  Wowee.  So here's more of what Brock really is: 
That's right, he's nothing more than the man behind the curtain, the star of his own bitchfest, in which he does his just yelling behind the veil.  Well, bully for him!   But when the curtain is pulled back, we see that Brock is nothing much.

Why I'll betcha even the Cowardly Lion could take Brock.  

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