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Or maybe, of course, David Brock is just JEALOUS of Fox News and Roger Ailes

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | 7:02 PM

If, as Jason Zengerle observes in his New York magazine piece, David Brock doesn't really believe in anything, then we must ask what is it, exactly, that motivates Brock to devote so much time and energy to slamming Roger Ailes and Fox?   Zengerle speculates that perhaps Brock felt spurned by Republicans (would that be the Republican Party, or just certain Republicans), and that he was thus twisted around into a hatred for everything conservative.  "The politics of pique," Zengerle called it.

That's an interesting and provocative theory, but The Cable Gamer wonders whether perhaps an even simpler motivation is at play here: pure jealousy. That is, back in the 90s, Brock was supposed to a rising star in the Republican Party; it would have been easy to see him evolving to the point where he could be a major pundit or other kind of media player. Perhaps even a TV star, or maybe even a TV executive--Brock has, in his own malignant way, shown a talent for organization.   But instead, Brock threw it all away on the right, and yet as Zengerle makes clear, Brock is still not fully trusted by the left.  And so he runs an attack mill, while Ailes runs a giant TV network.  Indeed, Brock's other efforts, to build up a gay-rights activist group, and a political action committee, have failed.

So that leaves Brock, metaphorically shaking his fist at Fox.  So maybe he is not aflame with any kind of ideology at all--instead, he is aflame with jealousy.   The green-eyed monster has gotten to Brock--big time.   And since he has no moral foundation to rest upon, the idea of envy is corroding his soul.   So TCG's wonders if this isn't a more accurate depiction of Brock:

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