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Fight at Fox, Inside Fox

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 | 8:07 AM

Johnny Dollar, who always gets the best stuff for his blog, records John Gibson on Fox Radio trashing Neal Gabler, the panelist on "Fox News Watch," who regularly trashes Fox. Gibson calls Gabler a "moron" and a "hypocrite."

And Gibbie even adds that he is "disappointed" that Cal Thomas and Jim Pinkerton don't stand up to Gabler more--"because they like him," Gibson concludes. And Gibson is no doubt right: there is a good chemistry on "FNW," and that probably means that Gabler gets to say more than he could.

But here's TCG point: Viewers can survive 5 minutes of Gabler's leftism every week. Thomas and Pinkerton let him have his say, and then they have their say.

But in the meantime, Fox management lets the chips fall wherever they might. Gabler trashed Fox, Gibson trashes Gabler, and everyone else takes lumps, too. That's the way news commentary oughtta be: Let the viewers decide for themselves.

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