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Is CNN on Crack? The Huffington Post reports, you decide

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 | 8:38 AM

Many critics have slapped around the cable newsers for allegedly over-covering the Anna Nicole Smith story. Personally, TCG has never had a problem with the coverage: It's news dammit, and her life and death--tragic, or pathetic, or both--is a compelling window into the larger world of celebrity culture.

But in any case, I have noticed Fox News, in particular, getting smacked. I think that a lot of the smacking is from those who are jealous of such talented diggers as Greta Van Susteren. And let's be honest: If Fox covers a story, plenty of liberals in the "smart set" will just hate it, no matter what.

So TCG was amused to see blogger Erin Kotecki Vest, writing in The Huffington Post, let CNN have it for ITS coverage of the ANS story. Under the headline, "CNN is smoking crack," she wrote, using all CAPS, Vest wrote, "FOX IS DOING A BETTER JOB AT NEWS TODAY THAN YOU ARE." No doubt it pained Ms. Vest to write those words, but she did.

And also, speaking of liberal miz-es, let's give credit to Arianna Huffington, proprietrix of The Huffington Post. She has put together one of the most interesting sites on the web. It leans left, that's for sure, but she has a commitment to free speech, free expression--and free venting of spleening!--that's much to be admired.

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