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John Ferriter update--more evidence of agent malpractice?

Written By mista sense on Monday, March 26, 2007 | 7:46 PM

Remember John Ferriter? He's the William Morris agent who handled--I would say mishandled--Kiran Chetry's career. As reported here at TCG (and other places, including Media Bistro and The New York Post) last month, Ferriter attempted to hotbox Fox News over Chetry--and evidently got himself and his client badly burned instead.

You might recall that Ferriter apparently sought to push the delightful Gretchen Carlson out of her morning spot on "Fox & Friends," all to make room for Chetry to move over, from her weekend "F&F" gig to Carlson's plummier assignment on the weekday "F&F." Fox responded by doing the right thing: it canned Chetry and shunned future dealings with Ferriter.

Now, a TCG reader writes with hot some hot, but unverified, dish: "No wonder Mr. Ferriter has lost clients such as Jeff Probst, Carson Daily, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky."

Ouch! TCG can't verify these allegations, but she finds them interesting, and worth looking into further.

Moreover, the reader continues: "And just ask Rick Dees how he feels about Mr. Ferriter. Ferriter got him canned from KIIS FM so that Ryan Seacrest could have his job. He convinced KISS that Rick was too old and out of style."

TCG can't verify this, either, but I post it, because at least some of it checks out, and so let's see about the rest. It is absolutely true, for example, that Dees left KIIS in 2004, after 22 years there, to be replaced by... Ryan Seacrest. So the only real question left is what role Ferriter played in this dj shuffle.

Since TCG is just one blogger, she will ask the web, with its Wiki powers of addition and subtraction, to help flesh out an accurate portrait of John Ferriter.

We know what he did "for" poor Kiran Chetry, who always seemed more sinned against than sinning. But what about the rest of Ferriter's career? Has he ever done anybody any good? He must have helped some clients, right--I mean how else did he climb so high in the 10 percent biz? Or, alternatively, is he just another Sammy Glick?

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