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Fantastic Game Art

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 | 5:28 AM

If art is a mirror for the human experience, then we geeks love game art, game cakes, game clothing, game coin purses-- you name it-- because seeing our media in art form provides a sense of recognition, validating our own historically less acceptable fandom.

Anyway, I happened to come across some seriously share-worthy game art by DeviantArt user GuitarAtomik-- you guys need to check this stuff out. Now. Here are just a couple of my favorites, though the sexy Amaterasu in his profile is also amazing. They're available to purchase as prints too. Now, I don't know if I'd want to geek out my living room to quite this extent, but if ever I did, this is probably what I'd put up:
Damn, Mario and Luigi's lookin good.

In considerably odder-- but also fun-- art news, SomethingAwful recently rounded up the weirdest and quirkiest Sonic the Hedgehog art done by its forum goons, who produced interesting fare like this:
Plenty of fanart is just plain lame, even creepy-- but for every thousand Aeris and Roxas romantic portraits, there's awesome stuff like this .

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