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A Thought Experiment: Suppose Someone At Fox Had Said What Jack Cafferty Said

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | 2:42 PM

Suppose that, say, Bill O'Reilly had said that Chinese products were "junk." And suppose that Sean Hannity had said that the Chinese were "goons"--without really bothering to specify whether he was talking about the whole of the Chinese people, or just the government.

I think it's safe to say that there would have been enormous furore--liberal MSMers and press watchdoggers would have cluck-cluck-clucked about the racism and venom of Fox News, of conservatives, etc.

But of course, nobody at Fox said anything like that. Those quotes come from CNN's curmudgeon commentator, Jack Cafferty.

So it's no big deal. You see, it's not the words that matter most, it's who says the words, and where. If a "racist" says something bad, well, that's more proof that the person is really, really bad. But if a "good" person--or someone who works for a "good" network--says something bad, well, it's just not so bad. Interestingly, Cafferty was something of a conservative years ago. And he probably still is, deep down; it's just that he knows that if he wants to keep working at CNN, he has to play to CNN's Bush-bashing liberalism. And Cafferty has been willing to do to that. And wisely so, because otherwise he wouldn't be working at CNN.

And thus while O'Reilly and Hannity probably would've been fired, the MSM doesn't worry about Cafferty, because he's at CNN. Got that?

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