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"McAuliffe: 90 percent of media for Obama""

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 9:45 AM

I report, you decide.

Actually, Michael Calderone of The Politico did the reporting.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe has spoken favorably before of "fair and balanced" Fox before, but today on Fox & Friends, he went even further.

Host Steve Doocy asked, "What percentage of the mainstream media is in-the-tank for Barack Obama?"

McAuliffe responded: "Oh, 90 percent. I mean, from day one it is what it is. We’re not complaining. We have to deal with the hand we’re dealt with...."

Later, McAuliffe said that "Fox has been one of the most responsible in this Presidential campaign."

Another great brunet! Calderone, that is.

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