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When The World Was New

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 10:35 AM

When you write about games on a daily basis, I have to admit it can sap the magic around being a game fan. Most game announcements just mean more work, after a while. Doesn't mean I don't like them or enjoy playing, it just means that over time, I start to feel a little more pragmatic about things.

Except one thing. My god, I cannot wait for Metal Gear Solid 4. Like in the worst way. I haven't been looking at any of the trailers that came out over the past 24 hours, and I didn't read the first review, which came out in UK's official PlayStation mag. You know I don't trust super-early 10s. In fact, you know I don't care about scores. But I still got a little flutter. Can't help it.

I've a mammoth swath of faith in the ability of Kojima's mind-bending storytelling to blow my mind, and every little snippet I catch on the wind seems to promise it will be so. I'm loath to read that whole review lest it irrationally jack my hopes even higher, but if you want to, have at.

I'm past the point now where I can't get enough details; now, I just need to wait and be surprised. If you are unlike me and want to watch more new video than you can shake a stick at, my Kotaku overlords will provide. Also, I hope our local UNIQLO has these shirts. I want all six.

I do love the franchise that much, but a large part of it is that it's so good to feel good-old-fashioned excited about something, like when I was a kid and I got excited about a GamePro writeup of Ordyne because you could play as a girl named Kana with a little orange spaceship. Or when Sonic & Knuckles was coming out, or when Sega invented the Game Gear. Oh, time flies.

Maybe my de-facto attitude about the majority of new releases isn't due to my employment, but to (gasp) aging. Or maybe it's due to high, high expectations that the industry can't possibly meet on a regular basis, true of a good many of game fans, I think. What about you guys? Still get excited about new stuff? Anything you just absolutely toe-curlingly cannot wait for?

[Ordyne "Kana Mode" ending screencap made possible by vgmuseum.com.]

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