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Roll Up Something Happy Today

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 | 10:08 AM

The media's arguably gone a little bit overboard, with most major networks becoming the "all incomprehensible tragedy and horrendous grief, all the time" channels for the week, pausing only to show scenes of most of my region submerged underwater. If, like me, you could afford a brief pause for some good cheer, you're looking at some good news!

These are screenshots from Famitsu-- look real close to get a peek at Beautiful Katamari, the next installment in the lovable sticky-ball star series, which continues despite the fact that creator Keita Takahashi has moved on to his next project, an "undulating" playground for children "with lumps."

Beautiful Katamari will reportedly sport new modes for online play, and allow players to make the biggest Katamari ever, weighing in at 10,000 km (almost a third of Earth's size). It's slated for PS3 and the 360, but will skip the Wii, citing control scheme difficulties.

For today, let's make believe that Katamari games can, as stated charmingly in We Love Katamari, "bundle away the many and sundry ills that blight the modern world." Katamari! A big Katamari to become a star!

Cookies are good cheer-ups, too.

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