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Written By mista sense on Monday, April 28, 2008 | 6:11 AM

That's the e-mail alert that I got from Fox News a few minutes ago, above, alerting me to Jeremiah Wright's appearance at the National Press Club. Last night I speculated that the cable nets would cover Wright live. And, indeed, they are--I love the cable game! And I see that CNN and MSNBC are running Wright, too.

Wright is offering a ringing defense of black liberation theology. Just heard him refer to "sick systems"--I think that he means America; God wants "a radical change in the social order." And said that he's been seeking big change for 36 years, which, of course, covers the entire time that Barack Obama has been a member of his church. And on, and on, about crack, Iraq, etc.

You're for "liberation and transformation," right? Sure you are. Unless, of course, you pathetic prole, you're bitterly clinging to your God and your gun!

The Obama campaign must be going nuts, while Hillary Clinton must be cheering. And oh yes, John McCain.

And we're all watching it at the speed of live.

UPDATE: In the Q+A, Wright is defending Farrakhan, and even dumping on Obama. He is destroying Obama's campaign, right here, right now. And he is loving it--I guarantee he will do this again, and again, and again.

In the wrap-up, FNC's Megyn Kelly just called him "incendiary," and while that's accurate, that's almost an understatement. And Bill Hemmer made a good point: Wright doesn't care about Obama.

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